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Kidding Around With Goats

Sue Oldfield is a goat farmer based in Rock Bank, about half an hour west of Melbourne. Currently Mrs Oldfield has 120 mohair goats on her property and at this point that number continues to increase as the females are having...

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Bio Energy An Option

Where do you think your electricity comes from? Coal, Wind, Solar? how about house hold garbage? Irena Bukhstaber from the Australian Clean Energy Council said the council hope to have a percentage of all electricity produced...

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New look Heywire deadline extended

Each year young people between the ages and 16 and 22 are encouraged to showcase life outside the larger metropolitan areas. Last year marked the 10th anniversary of Heywire and some changes were made to the way in which young...

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Climate Change Effects Plantation Timber

Australian plantation forests will grow under greater pressure due to climate change Michael Bataglia from the Australian Forestry Cooperative Research Centre believes that warmer dryer conditions will mean that there needs to...

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Prepare for Biblical wheat plague now

It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ the destructive Ugandan strain of wheat rust makes it to Australia, according to an overseas researcher. Dr Carey Fowler from the Global Crop Diversity Trust...

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Tasmanian Drought Concerns

Concerns of a serious lack of financial and emotional support for drought effected Tasmanians dominated yesterdays Bothwell meeting of the national drought social issues forum. More than 50 people attended the meeting in the...

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