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An incredible statement

“Public education does not exist for the benefit of students or for the benefit of their parents. It Exists for the benefit of social order. We have discovered as a species that it is useful to have an educated population....

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I Am

I am what I guess I would refer to as a hybrid.   I’m part country hick who loves to wander...

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Scarecrows with a difference

Birds cause millions of dollars of damage to grain, horticulture crops, and vineyards, right across Victoria. Everyone has their own way of getting rid of the pests, probably the most popular way is to just shoot them. But if...

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Rock Lobster The Survival Of The Fittest

Rock Lobster farming may be set to become a lot less stressful. For years the farming of Rock lobsters has had an extremely high mortality rate but the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) believe they may have found a...

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